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Location description & drop-down navigation menu (Top left)

  • Top: “Cell Block Studios” stays unchanged since it is all about this location
  • Middle: General description, changes depending on where you are. i.e.. Ground Floor or 1st Floor etc
  • Drop Down Menu: The specific area you are in


Navigation hints:

  • Use red arrows to teleport from one area to the next.
  • Use the white book icon to read more about a specific area. Not all areas have them. Every Cell, reception, kitchenette, some meeting rooms and Cell Block exterior entrance have one.
  • Of course navigation by drop-down menu.



  • Interactive, live compass - shows the direction you looking in
  • Hide/show buttons
  • Play/pause button
  • VR goggle button
  • Help - VR Hints
  • Next/Previous VR buttons
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