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Showcase Your Event With Professional Event Photography

Capture Memories

Brand Identity

Spread the Word

Future Promotion

Event photography is a vital part of any event. Not only does it showcase your event and all the hard work that went into organising it, but it also captures the atmosphere and energy of the occasion and provides a compelling record of the memories made there.

With beautiful, high-quality images from an experienced events photographer, the event organiser can ensure their brand identity is protected and promoted in a professional and stylish way.

Event photos are also a powerful marketing tool in their own right. There's no faster way to spread the word and keep attendees engaged than sharing the event photos on social media platforms and via online channels - everyone loves a Tag & Share, right?

Professional event photography really comes into its own as a vehicle for promoting future events. It not only provides a clear and detailed record of the event itself, but serves as both a strong portfolio piece and a powerful advertising tool. Whether you're looking to promote your venue, increase attendances, or simply attract new clients to your business, a professional events photographer can help you showcase your events in the best light to make the very best impression.


Promote Your Event With A Professional Events Photographer

Corporate Events

Live Music & Festivals

Social Occasions

Calendar Dates

Professional event photography is a highly valuable promotional tool in many ways: here are just a few of the key categories... 

Corporate events: This category covers a huge variety of events, including conferences, industry summits, trade shows, networking events and product launches. Event photographers will document the event to capture key speeches & presentations, feature attendees, and provide marketing materials for onging use.

Live music & festivals: capturing the energy and excitment of a live music event involves a very specific skill-set. The event photographer will need to be able to adapt to a fast changing environment and a wide spectrum of light levels, as well as handle crowds and unpredicatible behaviour. Check out some more of the Upix work by clicking on the visuals - they will open in a new window.

Social occasions: an experienced events photographer will capture the atmosphere and emotion of a social occasion so that the attendees can just focus on enjoying themselves. Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, religious celebration, or anniversary, a professional photographer can be relied upon to ensure the memories are captured to enjoy for years to come.

Calendar dates: there are a whole raft of events throughout the calendar year where a professional events photographer is a valuable asset to the occasion. Award ceremonies, graduations, sporting events, charity fundraisers, policital rallies & exhibitions are all memorable events that need to be recorded for posterity. When the pressure's on, it pays to make sure you have a professional on hand to get it right for you!


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Why Choose A Professional Events Photographer?

High Quality Media

Attention To Detail

Value For Money


Quality: a professional photographer has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to produce high-quality images that accurately represent your event. They will plan ahead for the conditions, providing lighting where needed and  ensuring the resulting media - whether stills or video - capture your event in the highest possible quality.

Attention to detail: an experienced events photographer pays attention to the small details that make a big difference in the final images. They will have thoroughly discussed your requirements with you and offered advice & helpful solutions to any challenges before the event. They'll have made notes on relevent details, such as the list of speakers and notable attendees at a corporate event, as well as a schedule of any planned activities. Whatever the event, a professional events photographer will be ready to capture the important moments, as well as able to adapt on the fly to changes on the day.

Value for money: while hiring a professional events photographer may involve an upfront cost, it can save you money in the long run, as they will handle all aspects of the event shoot, from set-up to post-production. The media supplied will be suitable for all the appropriate marketing needs, as discussed beforehand, and you can have peace of mind that the images will represent your event in the best possible way.

Professionalism: the Upix interior photographers LISTEN to fully understand your needs and will always work to produce images that exceed expectations. Reliable, punctual, and able to adapt quickly to a changing environment, we'll make sure your event is covered thoroughly and smoothly. With over 15 years experience photographing events of all kinds, you can rest assured yours will be in the safest of hands!

The Upix team LOVE positive feedback and Google reviews from happy clients - like this testimonial from a prestigious events organiser:

"Silverstone shots, amazing! Loved them, very, very happy with them and 100% will be using you again on future projects if you’re interested to do so. I have also suggested to the team that you’re our ‘go to’ on all things project photography."

Gavin Farley - MDin2events



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