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A Selection of Aerial Drone Video Projects

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Aerial Photography & Video:  The Perfect Way To Raise Your Business Profile!

Show a different perspective

Increase customer engagement

Strengthen your marketing

Give you greater credibility

Aerial videos and photography provide your customers and visitors with a unique, bird's-eye perspective of your venue or property, conveying a real sense of space, location, scale and context.

Created with beautiful, high-quality images & video, an aerial presentation allows users to experience a location or property in a way they wouldn't normally be able to in person. Aerial content is often more visually appealing and catches the viewer's attention more quickly, increasing customer engagement and generating more interest.

A perfect way to showcase the unique features and layout of a location to a wider audience, aerial footage & images make a strong marketing tool. Surveys report that aerial content is often more widely shared on Social Media too, so it's a great way to maximumise your business exposure.

Whether you're looking to sell a property, promote your hotel or venue, increase your bookings, or simply attract new clients to your business, professional aerial video and photographic content can help you showcase your spaces to make the very best impression.

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The Benefits of Drone Photography

Real Estate

Tourism & Destinations

Events & Branding

Surveys & Safety

Aerial drone-created media can be a valuable tool for a wide range of businesses and industry sectors. Here are just a few:

Real estate: striking aerial photos & video can be used to effectively advertise properties for sale or rent. By giving clients an overall look at the property, an aerial view helps put the property into locational context and shows off its surroundings. Also particularly useful for larger properties and new developments, aerial views help boost customer interest & confidence in the buying process.

Tourism & Destinations: attractive aerial drone views of tourist attractions, hotels, resorts, & landmarks provide a strong visual representation for potential visitors and guests, helping to reach a wider audience and create a uniquely engaging visitor experience. Aerial shots are also hugely popular in location filming for TV &  movies, as the extra height creates a special feel and atmosphere that viewers wouldn't get if they were there themselves.

Events & Branding: drone footage of large social gatherings, music festivals,  and sporting events is a powerful way to showcase them and an effective way to promote the sponsors and organisers of the events themselves. 

Surveys & Safety: whilst they're not the most glamorous use of drone photography, structural surveys and safety assessments are one of the most vital of the aerial image uses. Not only do drones provide easier access than an initial physical examination, but they also provide significant cost savings, helping to pinpoint the structural concern and saving time in the process. 

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Why Choose A Professional Drone Photographer?


High Quality Images

Attention To Detail

Value For Money

Professionalism & Safety


Quality: a professional drone photographer has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to produce high-quality aerial images & media content that accurately represent your location and business. They know how to fly safely and efficiently and arrange their drone flights carefully to make sure conditions are appropriate. Professional equipment and expertise produces high quality images, and the resulting media can be used for a wide variety of marketing purposes, including print to billboard size, as well as the highest resolution for digital display. 

Attention to detail: an experienced drone photographer pays attention to the small details that make a big difference in the final imagery. They will carefully consider the weather and surrounding landscape conditions so that the resulting media is as visually appealing as possible, and accurately represents the location. 

Value for money: hiring a professional drone photographer will involve an upfront cost, but it will certainly save you money in the long run. The drone pilot team will handle all aspects of the aerial shoot, from on-site logistics to post-production. The media supplied will be suitable for all the appropriate marketing needs, as discussed beforehand, and you can have peace of mind that the images will attract potential clients that set your business apart from the competition.

Professionalism & Safety: the Upix drone photographers  have heard heart-breaking stories of in-flight accidents and property damage caused by unqualified pilots and recreational flyers. Aerial drone work is a serious business and the Upix team is fully trained & qualified to carry out commercial work under our CAA Operational Authorisation. It goes without saying, we're also fully insured. The Upix drone photographers will LISTEN to fully understand your needs and will strive to produce images and/or media that exceed expectations. Reliable, punctual, and respectful of your needs, we'll communicate with you throughout the project to ensure that you're fully satisfied with the final results. With over 7 years experience in drone photography, you can rest assured your aerial content will be in the safest of hands!

The Upix team LOVE positive feedback and Google reviews from happy clients - like this testimonial from a recent aerial video project:

"We’ve worked with Stefan on a number of occasions and he and his team have always delivered on brief with excellent results both for stills photography and video. He is a stickler for detail and you can trust him to work on your behalf without having to be on site - great when you're under time pressure yourself!"

Janet Saville - Head of Marketing, Gosport Ferry Ltd


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