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Showcase Your Personnel With Professional Headshot Portrait Photography





Headshots are an invaluable tool for the promotion of your business, your personality, your brand and your teams. They're ideal for use in countless formats, including professional websites, social media platforms, company IDs & staff portfolios.

A good headshot should be well-lit, in focus (obviously!), and capture the person's unique personality. Whether you have a team of 1 or 100, each of those personalities should shine through in their own headshot, even if they're all presented in a uniform way.

With beautiful, high-quality images, an experienced headshot photographer can create a professional look and feel for your photoshoot. If you need them to, they can provide guidance on what to wear, appropriate colours, brand placement and effective poses. They're used to putting people at ease and will make sure you feel safe and confident for the session and get the most out of the experience.

Whether you're looking to stand out at networking events, promote yourself on a professional platform, such as LinkedIn, highlight your key personnel, or simply attract new clients to your business, a professional headshot can help you showcase yourself and your business in the best light.


The Power of an Effective Headshot






Versatile: A professional headshot is a valuable asset in today's digital age. It can be used on your personal & professional websites, social media profiles, official documents and IDs, and as part of your email ID and signature.

Memorable: Having a consistant visual presence can help you stand out in a crowded online market. With so many people competing for attention, either personally or professionally, it's important to have a polished & professional photo that differentiates you from the others and ensures you're remembered.

Professional: The right profile photo shows you in the best light, reassuring the people who view it and making them more likely to connect with you. If you're an entrepreneur, or business professional, a polished headshot photo can help you look your best when you're sending out press releases, or promoting your products & services.

Personal: An effective headshot will clearly showcase your personality, capturing your unique features and making the best first impression.



Headshot Options: What's Right For You?





Headshots are an invaluable tool for the promotion of your business, your personality, your brand and your teams. There are a variety of headshot options, and not everyone likes the same thing, so make sure you get the right professional to photograph you in the best way for you:

Corporate: An experienced headshot photographer pays attention to the details that make a big difference in your final image. In a corporate setting, the best option is usually to go with business dress and use muted colours to convey a serious and dependable character. If not using a traditional plain white background, the location should be appropriate to the business and its industry. 

Relaxed: This option gives much more scope for representing the unique character and personality in the headshot. Again, attention to detail will ensure your final images represent you and your team in the very best light and a professional headshot portait photographer will have lots of ideas and advice to help put you and your team at ease to enjoy the photoshoot.

Styling: Perhaps you want a more quirky, or styled headshot set-up! An experienced headshot photographer will make sure they understand the overall look you want to achieve and how you want yourself and your business to be represented. NEVER be afraid to try something different!

Context: In today's sometimes homogenised online visuals, the Upix team like to push the boundaries a little to promote you and your talents in the most effective way. Why settle for a head-&-shoulders shot when you could encapsulate both who you are and what you do in one engaging image? 

Whichever style of headshot you want to explore, the Upix photography team will LISTEN to fully understand your needs and we'll work to produce images that exceed expectations. Reliable, punctual, and respectful of your space, we'll communicate with you throughout the photoshoot to ensure that you're fully satisfied with the final results.


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