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Prof. John McGeehan at the Diamond Light Source in Oxford

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PETase Enzyme Discovery Video

'Stefan and Sara represent the gold standard of photography and media for any project where passion, creativity and detail really matter. As a scientist, I am naturally evidence and data driven and the numbers here are truly spectacular. Photography, video and 3D laboratory walkthroughs on our research into plastic eating enzymes has brought our work to the attention of a global audience. Our first UPIX video on our enzyme discovery work reached over 200 million people within weeks, with footage used by top international TV organisations including BBC, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg and CNN. Engaging and accessible stories are produced through beautiful composition, startling lighting and carefully considered flow, but their talents excel with their appreciation of very personal narratives. I feel very fortunate to work with Stefan and Sara and would highly recommend them.'

Prof. John McGeehan - Director, Centre for Enzyme Innovation (CEI), Institute of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, University of Portsmouth


Conceptual Portrait of Prof. McGeehan with PETase Enzyme graphic


Cunard logo Projected onto Cunard & Liver Buildings in Liverpool during an amazing light show to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the iconic Cunard Line

"What a fantastic finale to the three days celebrating the 175th anniversary of Cunard!...

A huge thank you to everyone - you have all gone the extra mile - and more - and the way such a tight team has pulled together to achieve more than we might ever have dared to hope has been extraordinary.

It's a fantastic result. Thank you again. Together, we smashed it!"

Gill - Head of PR; Cunard Line


Cunard's Queen Mary 2 10th birthday Celebrations in Southampton

"Hi Stefan and Sara - Thanks again for your great work on 3 May - these shots have had some great take up and have had loads of endorsement through facebook - 4,500 likes!...

...Would be great to work with you again. You definitely got the best firework shots of the Three Queens on 9 May last year!!

Best regards, Gill"

Gill Haynes; Head of PR, Cunard Line,

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"Stefan worked with us on capturing and creating the virtual tour for our website. I had previously been approached by lots of companies but felt that their identikit approach was not a good fit for us. We held off commissioning the project until we could find the right partner. From our first conversation, Stefan immediately showed an intuitive understanding of our specific needs. He listened and asked questions, where relevant, to fill in any gaps. He worked collaboratively with us throughout the project, with no ego, to realise our creative vision, adding value at every stage. Drawing on Stefan’s vast commercial experience, we were able to solve problems, creatively, as they arose. A level of mutual trust enabled us to take calculated risks and successfully pioneer new techniques, to deliver an outcome that has surpassed the project’s original scope and objectives. 

Stefan and Upix are valued creative partners and I look forward to working together again in the future."

Neil Hardcastle - Marketing & Development Director, Mayville High School

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Gosport Ferry Social Media Series: "A Bird's Eye View of Portsmouth Harbour"

"We’ve worked with Stefan on a number of occasions and he and his team have always delivered on brief with excellent results both for stills photography and video. He is a stickler for detail and you can trust him to work on your behalf without having to be on site - great when you yourself are under time pressure."

Janet Saville - Head of Marketing, Gosport Ferry Ltd

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   Gosport Ferry SM Series: "Shorter By Water " - Commuting Cyclist

             Gosport Ferry SM Series: "Furry Friends Welcome!"

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       Gosport Ferry SM Series: "A Day in the Life of a Ferry & Crew"

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           Gosport Ferry SM Series: "A Stress-Free Way to Travel"

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                      The Burger Shop; Arundel - Re-brand Promo

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Drinks, Food & Hospitality Promo - The Seriously Good Burger Co.

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Interiors & Hospitality Shoot for Nuffield Southampton Theatres

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Dr Dev Patel - Perfect Skin Solutions

Dr Dev Patel

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Cortijo Sabila Boutique Hotel - Southern Spain


Cortijo Sabila Boutiques Hotel - Southern Spain

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Interiors & Architectural Stills Showcase for Cellblock Studios

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Autodesk Symposium for In2Events - Silverstone Racetrack


Oracle International Conference; London

"Silverstone shots, amazing! Loved them, very, very happy with them and 100% will be using you again on future projects if you’re interested to do so. I have also suggested to the team that you’re our ‘go to’ on all things project photography."

Gavin Farley - MD, in2events


Autodesk International Conference - Paris

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Southampton Dining - Interiors & Hospitality Shoot


The Vet - Pet Services Promotional Shoot


Junior School Re-Brand and Pastoral Care Showcase

"As a marketeer I know that a good photo is worth its weight in gold, and I’m reminded of this every time I work with Stefan!

We have worked on many projects together over the past 10 years and I’ve never considered taking my business anywhere else. I know with the utmost confidence that I will get the outstanding images I need for marketing projects. Frankly, Stefan’s photography makes me look good!"

Clare Chapman - Marketing & Communication Manager


City Lifestyle & Nightlife Project


Southsea Restaurant - Brand & Lifestyle Promo


Royal Marines Museum - Family PR Event


Partnering Health Ltd - Patient Information Shoot

"Thank you so much, it all felt that it went well with the team and I would like to thank you for being so amazing! All my fears disappeared as it was so tactfully managed.

Best wishes"

Mandy - Lymington and Ringwood UTC Service Manager


Website  & Branding Promo Shoot - Exclusive Mayfair Gym: petefraser.com

Thank you both for a good days work yesterday. I'm reassured knowing I have two professionals working on this assignment and I'm excited to see the outcome. I appreciate your dedication.

Best,  Pete


UBIQUE Napoleonic Re-enactors firing a live canon at Fort Nelson in Hampshire

"Hello Stefan -

Thank you very much for the images – lovely job. Your images are going to be so useful for our marketing material and web pages.

Thanks again, Debbie"

Debbie Wurr, Communications Manager, Royal Armouries

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